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Thug!Levi x Child!Reader: Little light of mine
He was a thug, thief, murderer. All that was just a days work for Levi, being the notorious thug he is nothing fazed him that is what earned him his reputation - he had the ability to carry out hideous acts of cruelty and not bat an eyelid. 
Levi stalked around the dirty alleyways of the underground, this was the place he called home; after being thrown out by his parents he found that the underground could earn him a quick buck. Each time he found himself coming back more and more often he became involved with one of the most feared gangs and climbed up the ladder, from being a new recruit to being the boss all within a year.
The underground was a vast network were criminals could communicate with one another. Everything was on offer here; Drugs, illegal weapons, prostitutes. Everything. And to say that Levi owned a large part of it?
That fact alone disgusted him. 
He hated the life he created for himself but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't pull himself away f
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 721 69
Puckette the Faun by Makkon Puckette the Faun :iconmakkon:Makkon 306 10 The Shy Satyress by TheMightySmoosh The Shy Satyress :iconthemightysmoosh:TheMightySmoosh 9 4 Satyr by TheLinkMaster Satyr :iconthelinkmaster:TheLinkMaster 8 0
The Satyr
Lara examined the person she'd just saved. She was a young girl, no more than 18, with short black hair and tanned skin. Her face bore a collection of freckles and a pair of doey brown eyes. She wore nothing upon her person except a single studded earring in one ear and short shirt that was draped over her chest. However, Lara's lime green eyes were immediately drawn to the girl's more unusual features. Her lower body was completely encased in dark, hairy fur and instead of feet, she possessed a pair of hoofs, like a goats. Atop her head were two small horns that curled backwards slightly, and protruding from her bottom was a little hairy tail which wagged gratefully.
'Your a satyr.' Uttered Lara quietly, she was still half amazed by the sight.
The satyr though, didn't seem to be pleased by Lara's gobsmacked gaze. 'Yeah, I am,' she replied gruffly, 'and you're, what, some sort of goo girl?' 
Lara blushed, she'd forgotten how strange her own appearance must be
:iconcolumbus11:Columbus11 2 2
Ancient Blood Ancient!Hetalia x Reader (Prologue)
 Ancient Blood
 Third Person POV
  Run. That's the thought that echoed through the young girl's skull. Her breath came out in small, misty puffs. Her feet slapped the snowy ground harshly, bruises forming on her heels. Her other name was called through the dense forest, reaching her freezing ears. She willed her legs to go faster, her arms pumping at double the speed.
 That was until she reached a devastating obstacle that may cost her life.
 A dead end.
 An exasperated cry left her throat, pupils dilating as she looked left to fight. She turned around, only to come face to face with the people who had been chasing her. Immense power emanated from the group, but every single person knew they were no match for the younger nation. She took a step away from them.
 "Atlantis, you know we're doing this for the greater good. You've grown too powerful, and have become a danger to all of society. Come with us peacefully... we don't want to hurt
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 65 21
The Iron Giant: Theyre back, pt 1
I pull up in the houses driveway, my bike coasting along the gravel. The house comes closer into view, the trees casting long shadows along the ground as the sun sinks into the forest, the cool air giving me giving me goosebumps, even my jacket on. As the bike slows down, I put my feet to the ground and walk it to its old parking spot, a ways from the house. I take the keys out of the ignition, and drop them into my pocket, with a huge grin on my face. I know that my mom and Hogarth won't be expecting this at all. I throw my leg over the seat, and undo my helmet, careful not to mess up my ponytail as I think about their reactions. I've been at collage for the past few months, and they don't expect me home for another week.
I put my helmet on the rear view mirror, and start to walk towards the house, my boots crunching on the road. There is a different car parked next to my moms. I squint, and realize its a sheriffs car. A wave of nervousness washes over my feelings of giddiness. I wond
:iconredridinghoodwolf:RedRidingHoodWolf 2 5
|For You|Tony Stark x Dog!Reader|
You huffed, laying down by the pricey sofa, placing your head down on the carpet.
‘When will he be back.. It's lonely here.’
You shook your head slightly, and itch growing at the back of your ear.
‘Agh dammit’
You moved your paw to cover over your ear, patting it down, you heard the elevator open, heavy footsteps signalled that your owner was home.
‘Oh god finally, assist me human with this itch!’
You got up, following your owner as he slugged over to the couch, placing himself down.
Your head tilted to the side. ‘What's wrong human? You're upset..’
You jumped onto the sofa next to your owner, resting your head on his lap, you heard his sigh as he places his slightly rough hand on your fluff covered head, scratching behind your ears.
‘Ooh, thank you human.’
You still sensed his emotions, sadness, you whimpered, digging your head into his thighs.
“Oh (Name), you seem to sense my
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 176 16
Lucifer Morningstar x Reader ch 1
The readers friend drags her into the upscale nightclub known as Lux,she's not really enjoying herself but could a certain ruler of hell change that?
"Come on F/N your going to have a good time." Your friend Becca said as the two of you waited outside the new upscale nightclub called "Lux" she had been here with a few more of her party girl friends last weekend and somehow she wanted to share it with you.
"And what makes you think that?
I told you before its no use dragging me to a nightclub I can't dance and 99.9% of the music they play is over sexualized what makes you think I'll have fun?"
Becca rolled her eyes "alright F/N  if you don't have a good time then I'll come with you to whatever it is your into Deal?"
After waiting in line for what felt like forever we were finally face to face with the bouncer,with a quick flash of our IDs he removed the chain permitting us access. "Time to party F/N!" Becca said cheerfully as she practically dragged you by your hand and down
:iconmickxbeth2012:Mickxbeth2012 58 12
Worried - Lucifer x Reader
Lucifer pressed the back of his hand to your forehead.
‘You’re heating up,’ he said with a frown. He pulled you too him, trying to cool your body with his own. You were lying on the bed, the place you had been all day. You felt horrible.
‘Lucifer, I’m fine, I promise,’ you said unconvincingly.
‘You should take a bath, it’ll help,’ he said.
You tried to stand, but when you stood you started to sway and almost threw up all over the place. Lucifer jumped up and held you before you fell over.
‘I don’t think I can manage taking a bath,’ you say with a laugh, trying to remove the worry from Lucifer’s face. He picked up bridal style.
‘What are you doing?’ you asked confused.
He walked towards the bathroom and sat you on the edge of the bath. ‘I’m going to help you take a bath.’ He said simply.
Your eyebrows shot up in shock. He must really be worried about you, you thought. He was never
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 491 50
Mature content
Curl (2p!CanadaXReader) :iconmissxcocoa:MissXCocoa 310 102
Last Breath (Laxus Dreyar x Reader)
Laxus Dreyar x Reader
Horror stories.   You were scared sh*tless of them.  But tonight the whole guild had decided to stay at Fairy Tail and tell horror stories much to your dismay.  You were a weak wizard so you were scared of most things.
“Who should start?” Natsu asked.
“I’ll start because I’m a man” Elfman volunteered.
“No, I’ll start.  I’ve got a good one.” Gray said.
You were already clutching the person beside you, which happened to be Laxus.
Laxus’ POV
Tch, what was so scary about horror stories? I sat down in between (Name) and Gray and almost immediately when Gray started the story, (Name) was already clutching on to me like her life depended on it… not that I didn’t like it or anything…  I must admit that I have developed some sort of feelings for (Name), I felt the need to protect her from everything since she was defenseless.  
Your POV
When you held on to Laxu
:iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 534 88
Hiccup x sad! Reader- Do You Wanna Build A Snowman
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Come on, let's go and play!
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
It's like you've gone away...

Your room is ice cold. But you don't care anymore.
Your mother and father died of a strange illness and you just... Can't go anywhere without thinking of them.
You slowly open your drawer and pull out your mothers old necklace.
With a heavy heart, you slip it on and tap on the freezing cold window.
"C'mon girl," you whisper, waking up your snoozing Night Fury.
She opens her eyes sleepily, and you hug her tightly.
We used to be best buddies
And now we're not
I wish you would tell me why!

D/n (dragons name) licks your face, making your h/c hair smell like dragon spit.
This would have normally made you pretend to be mad, but you don't even show an emotion, you just sob into her black scales.
Do you wanna build a snowman?
It doesn't have to be a snowman...

You hear a metal leg thumping up your stairs, and d/n instantly growls and stand
:iconmelodymalone123:melodymalone123 23 16
Dead Duck meets Lurch by JayFosgitt Dead Duck meets Lurch :iconjayfosgitt:JayFosgitt 83 20 Archangel Gabriel by Life-Writer Archangel Gabriel :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,364 134



Just a little something I found funny and so true:

A white man said,
"Colored people are not allowed here."

The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:

"Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK
When I grew up I was BLACK,
When I'm sick I'm BLACK,
When I go in the sun I'm BLACK,
When I'm cold I'm BLACK,
When I die I'll be BLACK.
But you sir.
When you are born you're PINK
When you grow up you're WHITE,
When you're sick, you're GREEN,
When you go in the sun you turn RED,
When you're cold you turn BLUE,
And when you die you turn PURPLE.
And you have the nerve to call me colored?"
*Paste this on your profile if you dislike racist people*


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I'm a 14yo girl from Alabama. I like anime and punk rock. I love animals and my favorite color is the rainbow. And that is all you need to know.


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